Sheila Schultz

Coach, Trainer, End-of-Life Liaison

There’s a simpler way…

I know what it’s like to feel out of control. I also know how to stop feeling that way.

About Me…

My greatest strength is my calm nature and ability to adapt to change. Having held many positions in diverse organizations, I have found my proper place in stress management and self-care.

I help people to slow down, remain present, and move through life with confidence, ease, and a sense of purpose. I address basic concerns like financial worries, personal relationships, health issues, and insomnia. In group settings, I guide people to identify the triggers and responses that create stress. Caregivers, in particular, use my services to maintain optimum health while serving others.

I also work closely with patients and families who are facing a serious illness or life-limiting prognoses. I help ease the tension that arises due to physical, emotional, and spiritual strain. As a professionally trained end-of-life doula, I combine my peaceful nature with skills to assist in personal conflict and decision-making. I act as coach, advocate, and diplomat to make sure patient’s wishes are met, to help family members cope, and to bridge communications with healthcare systems.

My Core Values





Education & Certifications

BS, Biology

Mind-Body Medicine

Grief Recovery

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

End-0f-Life Doula Trainer

Advance Care Planning Educator Pro

My Approach

I like to keep things simple. My guidance comes mainly from experiences with real people and real life. My style is easy-going, open, and calm. I put  my full attention into my blog, videos, courses, and events. I help you to look gently and patiently at tough circumstances, to see what tends to create the most distress.  The goal is to feel better; to foster emotional intelligence and peace of mind.

Stress Management

We all feel stress throughout our lives. Taking the time to understand how and where it starts is the first step in learning how to cope.  Discover ways to manage stress so you can be your best for others.  Improve sleep, increase resiliency, become more creative and productive.

Advance Care Planning

When you or someone close to you is suffering, it affects everything. Fortunately, there are ways to prepare for the unexpected. Education is key to make sure health care options are fully understood, and wishes are made known to loved ones and health care providers. This allows us to move through challenging times with peace of mind and no regrets.

Looking at life with relaxed attention changes what you see. Start here.