Go Fly a Kite

Have you ever caught yourself smiling when you see a child? I think what makes our mouths curve up is sensing the joy that kids feel when they play. It seems like all they do is play!

Can you remember the last time you had fun? I mean REALLY had fun. Finding ways to get lost in playfulness is important. It changes your attitude, reduces stress, improves relationships and keeps your mind stimulated. Add a few games and creativity to your day and get ready to notice a transformation! There’s no wrong way to do it. Here are some ideas:

1. Throw an impromptu party. Invite light-hearted people who like to laugh.
2. Get outside. Toss a ball or a frisbee with a buddy.
3. On your next walk in a park, don’t pass by that empty swing. Jump on.
4. Stomp through the puddles, instead of avoiding them.
5. Pick up a few cans of play dough and begin sculpting. Invite a friend to join in.
6. Spend time with kids or pets. Let them remind you how to have fun.
7. Be silly. Stop worrying about what you look like. Resist the urge to “contain” yourself.

We tend to lose our sense of wonder as we get older. When we think we have everything figured out, we miss out on a lot of joy. Stay curious. Remain playful. Go Fly a Kite. You may end up smiling a little more often.

What kind of things make you feel like a kid again? 

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