Lights. Camera. Action!

Some people seem unflappable in the midst of crisis. How do they do that? Wouldn’t it be nice to stop worrying? You can. It just takes a slight change in perspective and a little practice.

Most people want to be directors. They don’t want to simply be in their life movie – they want to shape how it looks and feels. This is okay, to a degree. It’s fine to pursue the things you like. But when you insist that life works a certain way, that your actions will lead to consistent results, or that people should act according to your wishes, you’re going to be disappointed. This is what causes most frustration, nervousness and worry.

Here are five tips to position yourself for unflappability!

1. DON’T OVER PLAN – Allow room for adjustments. Be prepared to modify your plan. Get creative. Trust that the way things are happening is actually better. Enjoy the experience.

2. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED – Some things are going to shock you. Acknowledge that you were wrong about what to expect. Move forward with curiosity, instead of certainty.

3. STEP BACK – Handle frustrating situations as you would introduce two pets.  Avoid interfering. See if things work themselves out on their own.

4. STOP ARGUING WITH REALITY – Your ideas about what should happen are irrelevant. Pay attention, instead, to what IS happening. Life is being helpful – can you see how? Look again. Stay there until you see it.

5. REMEMBER WHY – The stress you feel is not coming from another person or a circumstance. It’s coming from you wanting to change the way things are. You are the only one who can stop doing that.

Lights. Camera. Action!

Have you found other ways to stop directing your life? Share them in the comments below!

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