Below the surface of rough seas, there is a calmness that is often hard to fathom from above. Yet, there it rests, like an old friend. Supportive and kind, it patiently waits for us to consider paying it a visit.

In unsettling times, maintaining composure is crucial. The ability to relax is innate, although it usually takes practice to make it a habit. Thankfully, right now, we have been blessed with an opportunity to do just that.

Remaining calm not only makes you feel better, it unleashes a hidden superpower. A quiet mind is a catalyst for creativity. It focuses attention inward and inspires actions strong enough to produce a ripple effect that can be felt worlds away.

Each of us responds differently to adversity. Some become paralyzed with fear, others run away frantically or become defensive. Another group, however, finds ways to forge ahead with a steadfast resolve to thrive. They’re often responsible for ground-breaking ideas that benefit entire societies.

These passionate pioneers have something in common: they frequently shift their attention away from current conditions, and towards potential ones. Like the athlete who has mastered the art of mental rehearsal, WHAT COULD BE has become more active in their mind’s eye, than WHAT IS. In the words of Neville Goddard, “It is the frequency, the habitual occupancy, in your desired future, that is the secret of success”.

Today, it may seem as if we’re prisoners, required to sit and wait for something to change. But we are not trapped; we’re not helpless. We are free to think as we wish, and this is significant. We can use mental activity to create the future. But we don’t need to get smarter; we need to become dreamier.

Some of history’s most celebrated achievements began with deliberate daydreaming. The Wright brothers didn’t invent the airplane by focusing on how to improve cars. They had to have taken astounding mental journeys that allowed them to leave the earth and assume with intensity, the feeling of flight. Simply put, flying in their dreams enabled them to fly in reality.

In this period of uncertainty and restriction, we have a unique opportunity to break free from the chatter of everyday life, to detach from commotion and to call on our calmness. Here, we breathe deeply, expanding more than usual, into the space of our interiors, which literally inspires us. Then, in a refreshed, relaxed state, we can step with ease, into WHAT COULD BE.

Use the gift of time you have been given to remember your superpower. Let it feed you with inspiration and catapult you into the world you wish to see. Visit it routinely, so future hardships feel less like rough seas and more like oceans of quiet.