Being Sick



I’m sick this week. Being sick is the best. Really. You don’t think so? Do you hate getting a cold or the flu? I can’t imagine why. When the time comes, don’t argue with it. Embrace it. Studies show that the additional stress of being upset actually prolongs your symptoms. Here are some reasons why I think sloppy, sneezy, sleepy sickness is a good thing…


  • First, admit it… you needed this down time.
  • Soup. Hot Tea. Honey.
  • Hot baths with oil. When the water gets cold, drain and refill. You’ve got nothing else to do.
  • This is a good excuse to get absolutely nothing done. Enjoy it.
  • Fuzzy, snoozy, “I don’t care” brain. It’s kind of irresponsible and exciting.
  • Old Movies.
  • The chance┬áto look at your taxes with less trepidation. Only. energy. for. 10. min. increments…
  • Falling asleep with a book. Waking to read. Falling asleep again. At 2pm.
  • Lots of blankets.
  • Listening to your breath – however wheezy it may be.
  • A fireplace, if you’re lucky. A humidifier, maybe. Well wishes from friends and family, likely.
  • The chance to enjoy silence, to recharge, to heal more than just your body.


The only thing that would take it over the top, is nasty weather. Wait… is that sleet I hear tapping on the windows?

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