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Peaceful Possibilities

Free Yourself From Worry, Tension, Doubt and Fear

Discover how to release struggle from your life. Pinpoint the cause of your stress, get through difficult times with more ease, and manage circumstances & relationships with balance, integrity, and respect.


Have you lost your sense of patience?


Do you find it difficult to focus?


Does your mind race, especially when you are trying to rest?


Are you easily frustrated, worried or angry?

Why I'm Here

After decades of managerial work, my life took a sharp turn in 2009. A series of losses and an enlightening experience with my dying father catapulted me in a new direction. Having developed an original and unconventional self-care model, I now help professionals manage stress. I also act as advisor, advocate and diplomat for patients and families during times of grave illness or end-of-life.

Allow me to guide you through adversity, help repair damaged relationships, and show you how to find a sense of peace in any circumstance.


“When my mother was diagnosed with dementia, Sheila helped me navigate through life with my family and other personal relationships without falling to pieces or living in a state of dread.” GP, Gilbert, AZ
“Sheila has been a fixture at our staff workshops held twice a year. She is amazing!” Melissa Werner, Kingston, PA
“My wife was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2012. I was devastated and had many issues with caregiving. Sheila was a godsend. She was there for us both, in any way we needed. I know she would exceed anyone’s expectations.” Wayne Anderson, Flathead Lake, MT
“With Sheila’s insight, guidance, and support your world can open to endless possibilities.” S.O., Nashville, TN
I brought Sheila into for a two-day leadership workshop for my nurses. She offered stress management techniques we could integrate into our lives on an ongoing basis. I now have a team that is better prepared to face new challenges. M. Dicker, RN, Mesa, AZ
Sheila is the only person I know who can bring a calming influence to a room of people. Even if you’re already relaxed, just her presence takes you to another level. Jeff Sutherlin, Chandler, AZ

Stress Management for Professionals

Discover the latest in ways to manage stress so you can be your best for others.  Improve sleep, increase resiliency, become more creative and productive.

Patient and Family Advocacy

When you or someone close to you is suffering, it affects everything. Finding ways to cope is critical. Look here for valuable information to maintain optimal physical, emotional and spiritual health during difficult times.

Looking at life with relaxed attention changes what you see. Start here.