Come Back Soon!

How often do your thoughts drift from the present moment? Are you aware that this is the most common reason for self-doubt and negativity?  It can lead to sadness, anger and illness. When we begin to follow our thoughts, we are shocked to discover that we are usually anywhere but “here”.  Maybe there’s a way to see this more clearly, so you can pull yourself into the moment and out of your funk!

Do you see yourself as moving through time, with the past and future being vastly bigger than the present? The present may feel like just a sliver of your life. If the past and future are bigger, they must be more important, so that is where you focus your attention. Your daily life consists of vacillating from memories of yesterday to projections for tomorrow.

What if we focused more on the NOW, giving it much more attention? When we do, the present moment seems to expand. We become entrenched in it.

Although it seems simple, you’d be surprised at how getting absorbed in something that is happening NOW, will quickly change your attitude. Choose anything. Give something your full attention. Notice the change in how you feel. It’s okay if you can’t stay “here” for very long. But come back soon!

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